NOTE: We are NOT accepting monetary investments at this time. We are “Testing the Waters;” thus it is very important that you Sign Up so that we can show traction to investors and lenders for our real estate projects.

When qualified by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), To invest in GILMORE HOMES – GILMORE LOANS, LLC Second Offering (with NO minimum, starting at $75.00* per 1 share, plus fees* to the maximum of $75,000,000 in stock purchase), please adhere to the following:

  1. Sign up with Gilmore Homes – Gilmore Loans first, by clicking on the “Sign Up” menu tab (takes 25 seconds);

2. Access your Investment Documents. To do this, send an email to: invest@michaelgilmorecompany.com and request your Subscription Agreement to be emailed to you for upload.

3. Fill out the Subscription Agreement (Fillable, Electronically) (“Investment Document”) Sign, Save, Send & Upload.

4. Upload your Subscription Agreement  to, (our new company):

5. When Offering is qualified by the SEC, the account is officially set up, and you are accepted as an investor into our fund, you will Wire your funds to the Escrow Account, the information is:

    Bank Name: 

    Bank Address: 

   Routing Number:  

   Name of Beneficiary: (New Company) as Escrow Agent for Gilmore Homes – Gilmore Loans, LLC.

   Account Number of Beneficiary: 

   ***Beneficiary Info (OBI): Name or Ticker of Issuer (Company) AND Name (investor/security holder) or invoice #      or Transaction information (use RFB if additional space needed)

        Reference for Beneficiary (RFB): Include Invoice Number or Transaction Information

     ***Beneficiary Info (OBI) MUST be included. If it is not included, your wire may be rejected and/or credit to your account may be delayed***

6. Upon acceptance into the investment, (our new company) will send you a shareholder statement to reflect the interest you own.

  • Any questions about the process, upload, account, and/or escrow, contact (new company) who will usher you through the investment process at (our new company).

   For password, sign up, or having trouble with your Subscription Agreement and instructions, email us at:     password@michaelgilmorecompany.com.