Our Story, Your Story Begins!

Your story as a beginning investor or seasoned investor can begin soon as we Test the Waters for our $75,000,000 fund, once SEC qualified. Gilmore Homes – Gilmore Loans, LLC will issue 1,000,000 shares at $75 per* (plus processing fees by 3rd party) via our RegA+ pre-IPO Tier 2 Offering. Simply sign up without obligation, and begin your journey with us as we impact real estate like no other company!


Dear Prospective Stockholders:

As CEO, I am delighted that you are interested in becoming a shareholder with the Gilmore Homes – Gilmore Loans, LLC Family by purchasing impact stock in our company as we strive to take on over 85 underpinnings within our umbrella (see our “Portfolio Companies”) with four benchmarks earmarked from the outset: (1) Building single family homes, (2) Multifamily apartments, (3) Launching CAN YOU SPARE A DOLLAR? Chain of $1.00 Stores and SPARE DOLLAR $1.00 Cafe’s within the stores, and (4) the 50-stories GILMORE TOWER LA, planned for downtown Los Angeles.

Over these past 2 years (pre-Covid & post-Covid), America and the world hearts were tested. That heart surgery has proved detrimental to the real estate landscape via “The Haves and Have Nots.” Many Americans can no longer afford the “American Dream,” through homeownership. Wall Street Titans, venture capitalists, hedge funds, corporations, millionaires and billionaires have all succumb to GREED. At Gilmore Homes – Gilmore Loans, LLC, our mission is simple: BUILDING & FINANCING single family homes for individuals, couples and families, period regardless of status.

As a proptech & fintech, we are launching our 3 new Modern Homes’ Models: (1) a one-story, 599 sf, tiny home with 3 bedrooms, (2) a two-story, 999 sf, small home with 3 bedrooms, and (3) a two-story, 2,400 sf, upscale home with 2-story Great Room and 2-Level Elevator, all priced from $85,000, $120,000 and $399,000, pending U.S. markets. As Investors, this is your chance to sow seeds in our company as we make homeownership possible. Affordable Housing can be profitable. The problem is GREED has clouded the judgement of so many homebuilding companies and protechs. At Gilmore Homes – Gilmore Loans LLC, we are taking our chance on the American People by empowering them to become shareholders in our company so that we can actually build single family homes, both for sale and for rent. However, without an investment, none of this will be possible.


In sum, on behalf of our proptech, fintech and consumertech impact company that will add value to the American landscape, WELCOME! Making an investment in one’s self is the epitome of a strong empowerment. Not to long ago, only accredited investors could invest in high caliber, luxury and Class A real estate and business developments through crowdfunding and regulated securities. Now, the genre is open to non-accredited investors (the general public, limited). Becoming a shareholder in Gilmore Homes – Gilmore Loans, LLC gives you the all important tools toward enhancing your financial life, and it starts today!