Beverly Hills, California: WELCOME!  As a residential (homebuilding) and commercial proptech, we are “Testing the Waters” for our $75,000,000 real estate fund, yet to be qualified by the SEC.  We are excited in 2024 for the re-launch of our 3 Modern Homes’ Model Lines (see below renderings). For FY 2020-2021, our SEC qualified $50,000,000 Regulation A+ Tier II Fund ended its’ 12 month run as of July succumb to the devastion of Covid-19 on our operations, stock and equity fundraising. Not deterred, we are launching our forthcoming 2nd Fund for which ALL AMERICANS can become investors @ $75 per share, to continue our mission impact for affordable housing (built-for-sale & build-to-rent) and economic development in Los Angeles, Atlanta and around the U.S. NOTE: Gilmore’s projects & your prayers are dedicated to the living life of Paul F. Fegen (89) “Fantastic Fig.”

Los Angeles Tower


Single Family Homes

BUILT-TO-RENT & BUILD-FOR-SALE: Building single family homes "for rent" as well as "for sale" will be the bedrock of what we do. As a proptech, we intend to help all Americans, who want a small starter home, afford one. One of the goals is developing 10,000 homes yielding $1 BILLION gross. To achieve this benchmark, Gilmore will sell its MODERN Homes Model MG999 for $299,999 and rent for $1,999 per month (Housing Vouchers Accepted) with 6 or 12 months' leases, for a new 2-story, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living/dining/kitchen combo, around 999 square feet, total electric. Moreover, our company second Modern Home, the MG599 Model will be a small, 1-story, 599 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, all electric with SMART and GREEN features, at a price point of $99,999 for sale, and leasing at $1,999. Through Gilmore Loans, our fintech, our company will finance our homes in-house, over 5, 10 and 15 years ONLY. The goal is to ensure that consumers can afford the homes as well as stay in the homes. With 3.5% down, 3% interest (regardless of credit*), over 15 years, our $99,999 mortgage notes will be $550 plus $245 interest per month, totaling $795, for example. As a company, the first phase involves building 1 to 1,000 homes as rentals in Los Angeles, California & Atlanta, Georgia, with plans to scale around the United States.

Multifamily Apartments

Developing multifamily apartments will be the next nexus of our existence as a company. In Los Angeles and around the United States, affordable housing is a serious issue, not only gentrification. Many Americans feel left out of the equation. At Gilmore's apartments, townhomes and condominiums, one of of the goals will be to ensure that all income levels are represented. While financial returns are important to our investors, so is social good and impact. Through our non-profit stakeholder/organizer, the Hattiesburg University Foundation, building affordable housing blended with literacy and educational opportunities will be important benchmarks in our development underpinnings and as a company.

Highrises and Hotels

The heart of every city is its' downtown location. Skyscrapers and hotels' edifices define the aesthetics of luxury living and staying. In Los Angeles and select major cities, our proptech will build branded high-rises and hotels such as GILMORE TOWER and THE MICAL GILMOUR HOTEL & RESIDENCES, both with Rolls Royce services. These two asset classes have always defined the landscape of downtown juxtaposed intown living, dining, staying and shopping. Our projects will blend residential, retail, restaurants, hospitality and leisure as mixed use developments.

New Retail Stores and Restaurants

Retailers and restaurants play an important role in the American economy. Despite the constant news of many iconic stores and eateries closing their doors prior to and after the Coronavirus, apparel, shoes, electronics, furniture, beauty products, food, beverages, etc., still are relevant to the consumer juxtaposed the consumption of the worlds' economies. As a company, we rest not on our laurels of founding 85 plus companies, but in ensuring that our concepts benefit our investors with an excellent return on investment. Moreover, many concepts that our company will launch include CAN YOU SPARE A DOLLAR? Chain of $1.00 Stores featuring SPARE DOLLAR CAFES' $1.00 menu items including hot food, and a large selection of fresh fruits and vegetables from our future farmers and vendors. Dollar stores notwithstanding, our company will also launch upscale Department stores such as GILMO GILMONI, GILMOUR MICAL, GENTLEMEN, PREPS & YUPPIES, AND LORD, JULY & CHRISTMAS. In our residential and commercial subdivisions, our company will also feature GIL*MART, a big box, general merchandise retailer that will anchor some of our developments, particular in food deserts around the United States. Through our various asset classes, the goal is to provide a diverse portfolio and par excellent returns to investors.

Shopping Centers

Shopping centers still are important to the livelihood and vibrancy of neighborhoods. Our company will build and manage shopping centers around the United States including two indoor, enclosed independent malls, such as the rebirth of the Mall of Mississippi (MOM), the Mall of Atlanta, Georgia (MOAG) and Mall of Los Angeles (MOLA) (inside Gilmore Tower). Moreover, all of our shopping centers will be mixed use developments featuring our brands. We will also build open air centers and strip malls incorporating housing, in many developments. As an investor and owner, our company will provide various revenue streams and asset classes, as lamented, which to participate.

Other Goods, Businesses, and Services such as a Bank, Radio & TV station, Car Manufacturer, etc.

As a diverse, collective emerging holding company, Gilmore Homes - Gilmore Loans, LLC will launch in the future many goods, businesses and services. One such example is MICASU, GILMORE & WUNG bank, a future regulatory and depository, full-service community and investment bank, once qualified and application submitted to the FDIC, and our other project GILMO GILMONI, a luxury automobile manufacturer of cars and SUV's, both gas and electric. Other business underpinnings include a 24 hour cable television station TV HIP HOP, chain of affordable laundromats (and wash rooms, open to the public and homeless with secured showers and security on duty), our private label VISA & MASTERCARD, magazines, higher education institutions, etc., many apart of our Regulation A+, Tier 2, and a few not such as our Bank, which requires FDIC regulatory government approval. The goal for all of our companies is to become a BILLION DOLLAR brand and business within the next 5 years. With our investors and equity partners, the dream can become a reality.

An offering statement such as ours via THE FIRST FUND has been filed with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). That Offering has OFFICIALLY CLOSED. We are TESTING THE WATERS for our SECOND FUND. PREVIOUSLY,  The SEC qualified Gilmore Homes – Gilmore Loans, LLC offering statement, which means that our proptech, fintech, and consumertech, emerging growth company can make sales of the securities described by that offering statement. It does not mean that the SEC has approved, passed upon the merits or passed upon the accuracy or completeness of the information in the offering statement. As a matter of fact, it took our company 14 months (1 year and 2 months) just to pass the rigorous SEC comments and amendments and to get the Offering up-to-par. As accredited and non-accredited investors (general public), you may obtain a copy of the offering circular that is part of that offering statement via on its EDGAR database including viewing a copy within the “Disclosures” section/tab of our website.
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